The only true environmentally safe cryptocurrency project

We are sacrificing digital assets because we believe that clean drinking water and sanitation should be freely available for everyone worldwide, regardless of socio-economic conditions

Points Per $1

-101Days -17Hours -24Minutes -19Seconds

Community Notice: Due to the delay of the Pulsechain main net the sacrifice rate will be set back to 50,000 points per $1 this rate will be retroactive from the 11th of June.

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Aqua is designed to run on the Pulsechain Network which is a hard fork of the Ethereum Blockchain. Aqua will be combining the power of Defi and the blockchain to facilitate a sustainable , safe clean, and healthy source for drinking water with the support of the Aqua community. We’re looking to bridge the gap between blockchain and the real all in one place.

AQUA earns you interest and gives you financial freedom

The current state of cryptocurrency is one of the most incredible opportunities any of us will likelyparticipate in throughout our lifetimes. What we have is an innovative and paradigm breaking vehicle, and
what’s so intoxicating and alluring is that immediately before us we have these critical checkpoints that are leading cryptocurrency towards an evolutionary period that will determine the fate of an entire crypto industry.

AQUA is a decentralized and blockchain-enabled
gaming community dedicated to ensuring that we continue to enjoy a clean and safe environment.
Our drinking water and the preservation of our aqua resources are of primary importance to us. As a result, we formed a partnership with like-minded individuals to make a lasting impact through AQUA.

AQUA is widely acknowledged as one of the most essential elements of life, and we should all take steps to conserve it and make sure we are doing our best to keep it clean.
Our team is focused on developing and providing innovative technologies that make the world cleaner, safer, and more sustainable in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Staking Protocol

The Water staking protocol is built primarily for the Pulsechain ecosystem that not only offers faster transactions and lower fees but also gives more value to the entire Pulsechain community by have various passive streams of income opportunities. Your crypto can be unstacked at any time you own it you control it.


  • Staking Water average 40% returns a year
  • You decided how much and how long to stake ( Longer pays better)
  • 30day Minimum staking time

Loan Protocol

Aqua Loan Protocol is a 1 to 1 fork of the Liquity protocol that allows you to borrow money against Water as collateral for interest-free loans. The loan is paid in AQSD (an algorithmic stable coin pegged to the USD) and a collateral ratio of 110% is required. Additionally, to the collateral, the loans are secured by a Stability Pool containing AQSD.

Aqua Protocol is also non-custodial, immutable, and governance-free.


  • Interest free loans
  • No repayment time
  • Increased token value while you enjoy profits
  • One time 2.5% Borrowing Fee

Our Vision

Aqua Protocol, Pulsechain and Defi are working together to increase your wealth through Innovations of blockchain technology.


Flat on-ramp

Aqua Protocol has a Flat
on-ramp, which makes it much easier for a person to get into crypto and not lose money going through the exchanges paying high fees.

100% decentralized

AQUA is a community-driven platform that operates independently of government or the involvement of a middleman.


The AQUA token is pushing the idea of achieving virtual sovereignty by creating a global enterprise that enables participants to conduct business wherever they are.


AQUA is a play-to-earn platform that encourages the participants to play our free games, enhancing the chances of earning Drip tokens for staking or buying game assets for themselves and others.

Get started in only 4 steps

Get MetaMask

Download & Instal wallet extension on a desktop browser like Chrome. You can store and manage your Water in this Ethereum wallet.

Buy Water

You can by Water within MetaMask using any ERC20 token by swapping it or by clicking the blue How To Buy button and use the protocols Fiat DEX. You need to have ETH to pay gas fees on Ethereum.

Swap for water

Visit, connect your MetaMask wallet with the blue button & swap some of your ETH for Water. Leave some ETH in your wallet to cover gas fees.

Stake it!

You already own Water at this point, congratulations! To Stake it, visit, connect your MetaMask wallet and start a new Stake to earn rewards.

Let’s flood the world with the wealth of AQUA